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Back-to-School Image of kids walking down the street with backpacks

07 Aug: Cool Math Games and Puzzles for Second to Fifth Graders: Back to School Edition

As school starts, we realize that children can feel stressed knowing they have to perform well in the classroom, especially in the math classroom. Here at Wonder Math, we believe that every child is a budding mathematician when presented with the right tools and approach. We also believe in making math not just another subject, but an engaging and entertaining…

Photo of Dad and child on Father's Day doing math activities - Wonder Math

13 Jun: 10 Father’s Day Activities that Include Math

Celebrate Father’s Day in a unique and educational way by incorporating math into your activities. Wonder Math believes that engaging children in fun and interactive math tasks can make this Father’s Day memorable while sharpening their mathematical skills. Explore ten exciting Father’s Day activities for students that combine celebration with the power of numbers.  Let’s dive into these fun Father’s…


13 Sep: 8 Ways to Teach Math in Your Garden

Gardening is a fun hands on activity that gets kids outdoors and offers a great opportunity to teach measurements, addition, and other mathematical principles. “According to national research, garden-based learning delivers,” writes Maaike Baker in Civil Eats. “REAL School Gardens, a nonprofit organization that trains teachers and creates garden learning environments for schools across the country, has seen a 12…