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Student and Tutor Spotlight!

Each quarter, we will feature an awesome Wonder Math student and tutor, with a Q&A sharing their thoughts on our interactive, confidence-building math program. Students and tutors are selected based on their enthusiasm, willingness to learn, and overall progress. This quarter, student Luke and tutor Ashley are shining examples of that!

Congratulations to Luke and Ashley! We’re so excited that you’re part of the Wonder Math family and by sharing your experiences, you’re helping others learn about the importance of our program. Let’s celebrate Luke and Ashley this fall season! Stay tuned for our next winter spotlight.

Student Spotlight:

Luke Burton

What is Luke’s favorite part about Wonder Math?

Luke’s favorite part of Wonder Math is the story and how it makes the math practice fun.

How has Wonder Math helped Luke with his math skills?

Wonder Math has helped Luke immensely! He gets an hour of detailed explanations and guided practice on math concepts. This doesn’t happen in his school classroom.

As a parent, how would you describe Wonder Math to your peers?

As a parent, I am grateful for the confidence Wonder Math has instilled in Luke. Wonder Math allows kids to ask questions and work for solutions. Luke now has a solid mathematical foundation and best of all, he says math is his favorite subject.

Tutor Spotlight:

Ashley Glockner

What do you love most about working with students in Wonder Math?

The students! It is so fun to get to know the students and hear about all of the incredible things they pursue outside of math. In our sessions, we form cohesive groups of people from all different places and I love how they support and encourage each other. I recently had a student complete the 6th-grade program who started working with me when he was in the 2nd grade. It is an honor that students and their families trust me to guide them in math.

What are learning trends on the rise that you’d like to share with your students?

Student-centered learning is definitely on the rise; this is evident in trends like project-based learning and inquiry-based learning. In math, I strive for opportunities for guided discovery in which I can carefully guide students to discover ideas, properties, formulas, etc. on their own. For example, finding the area of a triangle or that multiplication is just repeated addition. I tell the students that if they can figure it out the first time, they can always figure it out later when they need it (like on a test).

As we gear up for the holidays, what are your tips for students to stay on track and ahead of math?

Consistency! Just like basketball or yoga, I think of math as a practice and Wonder Math students are already spending an extra hour each week practicing. Their time in Wonder Math really adds up. The student I referred to earlier worked in Wonder Math from 2nd grade to 6th grade – that is about 250 hours of extra practice! This allows students to gain a broader and deeper understanding of math concepts. So, they are already doing it, just keep up the great work!

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