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Student and Tutor Spotlight!

Each quarter, we will feature an awesome Wonder Math student and tutor, with a Q&A sharing their thoughts on our interactive, confidence-building math program. Students and tutors are selected based on their enthusiasm, willingness to learn, and overall progress. This quarter, student Esther and tutor Tina are shining examples of that!

Congratulations! We’re so excited that you’re part of the Wonder Math family and by sharing your experiences, you’re helping others learn about the importance of our program. Let’s celebrate our spotlight winners this season! Stay tuned for our next spotlight.

Student Spotlight:

Esther Stinton

What is Esther’s favorite part about Wonder Math?

I like learning about new things and being with my friends and teacher! I also like the stories used to learn math.

How has Wonder Math helped Esther with her math skills?

Wonder Math has helped me to understand math through games and stories. Each week we learn math skills.

As a parent, how would you describe your child’s Wonder Math experience?

Esther has excelled in math and feels confident in this area due to Wonder Math. Each week she gets to log on with friends and a fun teacher to help her continue expanding on her math foundation, giving her a head start in her classroom.

Tutor Spotlight:

Tina Ward

What do you love most about working with students in Wonder Math?

I love everything about Wonder Math–especially working with the students. I love meeting students that live all over the country and sometimes outside of the United States. I love talking to them about how they spent their week. I love listening to them read with expression and with different voices. I love their excitement over the story and their predictions as to what will happen next. I love listening to them tell me about the strategies that they like (and sometimes don’t like). I especially love those moments when one of them exclaims, “Oh, I get it now!”  I love that students can work on the level that they need to be on even if it is below or above their school grade level. I love watching them grow in confidence.

How do you feel Wonder Math benefits students of all different learning styles?

Every part of Wonder Math works together to benefit every student! Having a weekly in person teacher builds relationships and makes learning personal.  I have the opportunity in small groups to identify what an individual student needs and to meet them where they are. The story visuals and sound effects appeal to all the readers and the auditory learners. The story and reward system invites even some of my reluctant learners to join in. Zoom tools give students both the opportunity to see and to write on the screen which encourages visual and tactile learners. The lessons include a warmup and review of problems before extending the thinking process. That gives students of different ability levels the opportunity for success. All these elements work together perfectly to engage the students in the learning process and in turn, build confidence in problem solving and communicating.

What are some of your best tips for avoiding learning slumps during holidays and other school breaks?

Just like we adults forget information when we don’t use that information on a regular basis, so do students. Spending time reviewing and strengthening skills helps minimize that loss, but learning should be fun too! There are so many online game resources available to try out and practice with skills. Spending a few minutes each day playing a math or logic game could make a huge difference in skill retention. Doing puzzles or games as a family can be prime learning opportunities too. Spending some time in the kitchen measuring for those cakes and cookies, reading a book together, or taking an outing to nature centers, museums, libraries, or zoos are all great opportunities to learn something new. Developing a love of life long learning happens in those moments, and holiday times are some of the best windows of opportunity for families to build memories and share in learning experiences.

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