Improve Your Child’s Math Skills with Wonder Math

The Premier Online Math Program for Active Story-Based Learning.

Why Wonder Math Works

A student wearing a fox mask participates in the Wonder Math story during a live class.

Storytelling – an often forgotten, yet powerful learning tool.

Stories help solidify relationships and concepts in a way that factual statements and numbers alone just don’t.

What Wonder Math classes look like on a tablet.

Small groups + live teachers = effective differentiation.

Our live expert educators are able to provide personalized attention to each student because we keep class sizes small at just 4 students max.

A student with a Wonder Math hero enjoying the class on a tablet

Pre-teaching boosts student confidence and reduces math anxiety.

Our lessons are taught 1-3 weeks ahead of our students’ school curriculums. Being prepared builds our students’ confidence and increases enjoyment in the classroom.

Wonder Math characters excited to redeem gems for many different prizes.

Incentives and prizes that kids love keeps engagement high.

Students earn gems throughout the course that they can exchange for real prizes. These incentives motivate and encourage students to overcome challenges.

Results That Matter


of parents said their child’s grades improved after using Wonder Math


of our students reported a reduction in stress and anxiety at school


of parents saw an improvement in their child’s overall confidence in math

Watch your child’s math confidence and performance soar in as little as four weeks.

Math Anxiety

Math Performance

Chart demonstrating how within 8 weeks, Wonder Math increases students' math performance while decreasing their math anxiety.
Chart demonstrating how within 8 weeks, Wonder Math increases students' math performance while decreasing their math anxiety.

What Parents Are Saying About Wonder Math

Learn The Way It Was Intended

Other Math Programs


Other math programs focus only on drill and kill repetition – the top of the pyramid.

Pyramid showing how other math programs put all of their focus on the top of the pyramid, fluency and memorization without putting in the foundation of attitude and conceptual understanding first.

The Wonder Math Approach


We focus first on establishing a positive attitude towards math before working our way up.

The Wonder Math pyramid shows attitude (confidence in the subject) at the bottom, then conceptual understanding and finally fluency and memorization on top.

$99* month

See substantial results in just one month and continue with no commitment.
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Trial includes material + 4 classes. Cancel any time.
Russian School of Math
Live, Teacher-led Classes
Story-Based Focus
Small Class Size (4 max.)
Conveniently Online
Standards Aligned
Real Rewards
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