What Are Your Kids Watching On TV?


Living in a digital world can have its perks—like keeping up with relatives across the country—but it can also provide us with so many options that decision making can be a challenge. Take TV for example, there are endless shows for kiddos to watch on cable, on demand, and online. Who has time to research each option before making the best choice? Probably no one.

We had some spare time on our hands and did exactly that. We sifted through some of the educational shows out there and selected our favorites to share with you all.

  1. Peg + Cat
    If you’re looking for an engaging, yet soothing show for your child to watch on a sick day—this is it. While it is geared towards preschoolers ages 3-5, the look, feel, and characters have the ability to captivate at any age. A little girl named Peg and her cat named Cat are the heroes of this animated math-based adventure series on PBS KIDS. In each 11-minute episode, they encounter a word problem they have to solve. What makes it engaging for kids of all ages is that it is a real life problem viewers can relate to and laugh about with the characters. Confession: We may have binge watched a few episodes because we love it that much.
  2. Cyberchase
    This show makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside because of our shared goal of showcasing that math is fun and all around us. In this Emmy Award winning mathematics series for kids ages 8-11, the Cybersquad is on a mission to use their brain power as a weapon to defeat the dastardly villain, Hacker, before he takes over Cyberspace. In each episode, the characters—Inez, Jackie, and Matt—use math concepts as tools for solving problems they encounter. Overall, the PBS KIDS show encourages kids to explore the world around them and have a blast with math.
  3. Zoom
    Believe it or not, this show is created almost entirely by kids, for kids! The interactive PBS KIDS series is a revamp of a classic that originally aired in the 1970s. During each episode, the seven middle-school aged hosts play games, solve brainteasers, whip up recipes, and more. The overall mission of the series is to inspire kids to be active, create, and solve problems. Talk about an empowering show!

The list doesn’t stop there, as we mentioned earlier, there are endless options to choose from. If we had to choose a few runner-up shows they would be: Word Girl, Go, Diego, Go!, and Wild Kratts.

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