Growth Mindset

Multiple young students taking a test in a classroom.

03 Dec: Students Can Learn How to Become Better Test Takers: Here’s How

Test-taking is a skill that extends far beyond memorization and rote learning. It’s about understanding how to approach questions, manage time effectively, and maintain a clear mindset. Whether your child is facing standardized tests or academic exams, honing their test-taking abilities can significantly impact their results and prove students can learn how to become better test takers. Becoming a better…

Young girl thinking at a desk.

23 Oct: How to Improve Problem-Solving Skills: Mathematics and Critical Thinking

In today’s rapidly changing world, problem-solving has become a quintessential skill. When we discuss the topic, it’s natural to ask, “What is problem-solving?” and “How can we enhance this skill, particularly in children?” The discipline of mathematics offers a rich platform to explore these questions. Through math, not only do we delve into numbers and equations, but we also explore…

Young child contemplating a math problem and dealing with math anxiety.

02 Oct: Understanding Math Anxiety: Strategies to Overcome Fear of Math

Mathematics is often envisioned as a subject of logic, equations, and precision. Yet, for many students, the world of numbers brings about feelings of dread, apprehension, and fear. This phenomenon, known as math anxiety, is more common than you might think. So, what is math anxiety, and more importantly, how can we address it? What is Math Anxiety? Math anxiety…