Routine Check! Making Daily Check-Ins With Your Kids More Meaningful

Routine check-up for all of you parents out there!
(By: Carrie Friedman)

Now that you’ve got your daily routine down, how are things going for you and your kids? Before the semester is done, here are three ways to tune up and re-connect.

  1. The morning: Is it a smooth transition from waking up to eating breakfast, to getting dressed and out the door? We didn’t think so. Sit down with your kids and identify what’s working and what’s not. Is it taking too long for your son to put his shoes and socks on? Is eating a healthy breakfast an ongoing battle? Brainstorm a few ideas to ease the pain points. Maybe those socks don’t have to match every day. Or perhaps a couple of extra minutes of snuggle time before the day starts will set the stage for a happier day.
  2. School day: We’ve all gotten the dreaded “nothing” to the question, “What did you do in school today?” Experts suggest breaking the question down into smaller chunks. Practice asking more specific questions like, “Did you have math today?” “What did you play on the playground?”  Listen closely and follow up using what you’ve learned in previous days. Over time you’ll get clues about what’s really going on.
  3. Home after work (hint: it’s not about homework): We love this idea from our friend Pam at Less Drama More Mama (lessdramamoremama.com). When you get home from work, before your blood boils and you see what your child forgot to do (start her homework? feed the dog? clean up the play area?), take a moment to connect.  Let your child know how happy you are to see him. Compliment him/her. By doing so, you’ll set the tone for a more peaceful and connected evening.

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